Growing Healthy Food

What is Smart Growth

Smart Growth Farm field in sunset.
Picture of field at Smart Growth

As the name might suggest, we would like to think our operation is conducted in a smart way. While we may be a little biased, from the start we did the research and were dedicated to pursuing a sustainable, ethical operation, which brings us to the name. Eating meat should not be taken lightly. As natural as it may be, the capture, slaughter, and preparation of the animals we eat is the critical portion currently missing. A great deal of respect is due to vegetarians, they live their ethics. At smart growth, we want folks to rest assured that the food they’re consuming was raised with ethics. If you come to visit the farm we want you to be comfortable with the way your food is being treated.

What about all these ethics anyway? Well, if you’ve seen any of the severely disturbing documentaries, you never want to buy meat from the grocery store again. Turns out, that isn’t so easy. Finding a farmer, let alone one whose operation you can learn enough to feel ok with is near impossible. In an effort to get ahead of the curve, build relationships with our community, and ensure folks understand our practices before buying, we’re sharing the journey.

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